Vermont Priorities' mission is to develop, support and advocate for policies and initiatives that address the needs of 100 percent of our citizens fairly and honestly and that recognize Vermont's unique character, scale, and sense of community.

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Vermont Priorities; New Advocacy Group Launched

Montpelier, VT – A new group has been formed to support public policies that improve the lives of Vermonters across economic, cultural and political spectrums. “Vermont Priorities,” a non-profit organization made up of members from across the state will focus on encouraging healthy and sustainable economic growth, universal access to health care, a clean, affordable and secure energy future, a progressive tax system, and a quality education system that serves the needs of all Vermonters…more

Vermonters are tough, imaginative and resilient. Several years of recession and a devastating tropical storm have battered our economy and our state but they did not break our people. As we emerge from the recession and rebuild in the wake of the storm it is important that we have visionary political leadership and forward-thinking policies and initiatives that meet the needs of all Vermonters.

Vermont Priorities supports universal access to health care, a clean and secure energy future, a progressive tax system, sustainable economic development, and a quality education system that serves the needs of all Vermonters. Each of these issues presents unique challenges. Collectively we can work to develop and advance policies that move Vermont forward.



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  1. Vermont Priorities will work to develop policies that support a clean, affordable and secure energy future. We must improve not only how we produce energy but also how we use it by encouraging the development of small-scale, decentralized renewable energy projects and adopting energy efficiency programs.

    Investments in small-scale, decentralized renewable energy projects increase Vermont’s energy independence, spur job growth, support price stability and decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. Investments in thermal efficiency, especially in Vermont’s aging housing stock, and in energy savings technologies lower our overall energy consumption, which reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, decreases our strain on the electrical grid and supports a cleaner, more secure energy future.

  2. Vermont Priorities supports a progressive tax system. The fair taxation of Vermont residents is necessary to provide the public infrastructure and public programs that Vermonters need and have come to rely on. A progressive tax system helps to lower income inequality, build the middle class and create a robust economy and education system. Many Vermonters already recognize the need for a progressive tax system and agree with Oliver Holmes when he said, “Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society.”

  3. Vermont Priorities supports policies that encourage healthy and sustainable economic growth and create attractive employment opportunities throughout the state. It is paramount that we support our local businesses and preserve the industries that have defined us, such as dairy farming and maple sugar making, as well as take steps to encourage entrepreneurship. To do this we must ensure that regulations and compliance measures setup to safeguard our environment and way of life are effective but not overburdening. Business and government are not mutually exclusive and should work to support each other.

  4. Vermont Priorities believes that providing affordable and comprehensive health care to all Vermonters is the keystone to ensuring a healthy and productive society.

    Vermont is already a national leader in providing quality health care, having passed many reforms that contain cost, improve quality and increase access for allVermonters. However businesses and individuals are still burdened by high health care costs that continue to rise each year.

    Vermont Priorities will work to provide affordable universal health care for all Vermonters.

  5. Vermont Priorities believes that education is the foundation of a happy and productive society and works to ensure that all Vermonters have access to a quality and flexible education.

    From kindergarten through high school Vermont schools should provide students with an education that meets the distinct needs of each and every child.

    Vermonters seeking higher education should have access to an education that caters to their needs and prepares them for the job market of the 21st century, as well as an affordable program for them to finance their education. Vermont currently ranks 48th in providing in-state aid for higher education. If we want to retain and attract young talent we need to do better.

  6. Vermont Priorities supports transportation policy that reduces our carbon emissions, establishes affordable public transportation, and keeps Vermont on the forefront of transportation technology.

    Establishing an affordable and efficient public transportation network both lowers our carbon emissions and provides transportation access to those who are unable to drive themselves.

    Combined with investments in electric vehicle technologies and ride sharing programs and Vermont can significantly lower its green house gas emissions while also opening up to new business opportunities.